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Australian Projectile Manufacturers

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It can be hard to find Australian manufacturers for things these days. However there are a few shining lights in the industry, it would be worth giving them a go.

Outer Edge Projectiles

Based in Orange, New South Wales. Outer Edge Projectiles has been running since 2007 and is still under the guidance of it’s founder, Steve Hurt.

With extensive hunting experience behind him, Steve set about designing and manufacturing the best game hunting projectiles possible. Putting that under Outer Edge Projectiles belt the next project was target range bullets.

With a heavy investment in cutting edge machinery the company produces an array of premium Aussie made bullets.

Accuracy combined with devastating terminal performance

Woodleigh Bullets

Based in Murrabit, Victoria. Woodleigh Bullets has been in development by Geoff McDonald since 1979. Specializing in big game projectiles Woodleigh products are sold both in Australia and around the world.

In November 2021 a fire unfortunately destroyed the factory. However Geoff and Shirley are have rebuilt the facility, and are well advanced in the process of rebuilding their production machinery.

The aim is to start production again by the end of 2022.

With a range of bullets available from 6.5mm to the .700″ ‘Nitro’ these are designed to knock down the biggest game in the most humane fashion possible.

This all started from a big game perspective, but over time we have broadened our production to medium game as well.

Hawkesbury River Bullet Company

Based in Irymple, Victoria. Hawkesbury River Bullet Company operated in the Kirrawee region in New South Wales until 2007 has moved a few times before it settled in its current location. 

Hawkesbury River Bullet Company logo
Hawkesbury River Bullet Company 308

Black Widow Projectiles

Based in Kilsyth, Victoria, Black Widow Projectiles is a small family run business that has been in production for over 5 years.

Specializing in Hard Cast from virgin lead alloy, they produce competition grade projectiles for target, pistol and rifle shooting.

Hi-Tek coating covers the Hard Cast projectiles, which is guaranteed by the manufacturer at up to 3000 fps. The coating refuses to peel, crack or flake off even when the projectile is placed on a hard surface and smashed with a hammer.

As well as supplying Australia they are exporting to New Zealand and New Caledonia and continuing to expand.

Black Widow Projectiles
Black Widow 7.62

Spartan Projectiles

Based in Lonsdale, South Australia. Spartan Projectiles has been operating since 2010 and during 2017 increased their range to cover the most popular weights and styles for nearly all Handgun loads plus some rifles.

Spartan Projectiles
Spartan projectiles
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