Scope Components are listed and diagrammed. They cover objective, erector and ocular lenses. Also scope tube diameter, erector lens assemblies and more.

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    Scope Components

    Adjustable Objective Lens

    Adjustable Objective Lens – is a feature that allows the shooter to fine-tune the focus of the reticle (crosshairs).

    Erector Tube Assembly

    Erector Tube Assembly  – The erector assembly tube houses the erector lenses which inverts or “erects” the image for viewing by the eye.

    MOA Scope Mount

    MOA Scope Mount – are scope mounts that help us from running out of elevation adjustment at longer ranges.

    Objective Lens

    Objective Lens –  is lens closest to the target or the lens at the front of the scope furthest from the operators eye.

    Ocular Lens

    Ocular Lens  – is the lens or collection of lenses which is closest to your eye.


    Reticles – also referred to as crosshairs, are a set of fine lines or markings built into the optics of a scope or telescopic sight for the purpose of aligning the scope and therefore firearm with the target.

    Rifle Scope Rails

    Rifle Scope Rails – offer versatility to mounting various scopes.

    Tube Diameter

    Tube Diameter – compare the benefits and restrictions of various tube sizes.

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