Scope Calculators

Scope Calculators from Hunting in Australia. Simple and basic calculators that can port to your mobile device. MOA calculators with range card print outs and more..

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    Scope Calculators

    A note on the use of these calculators. While they are as mathematically correct as is practical, they are, as the heading suggests, simple. They are designed to port to a mobile so you can chill out and send stuff down range without having to think too much. 

    They are not designed to be an all bells and whistles ballistic computational wonder that takes into account projectile weights and drag coefficients. No atmospherics or Coriolis effect and they don’t even take into account the fact that the Earth wobbles on it’s axis one degree every 72 years. Scroll down for a link to Ballistic Calculators.

    MOA Calculator

    MOA Calculator – A simple calculator to calculate MOA (Minute of Angle) at distance.

    MOA Calculator with Range Card – A simple calculator to calculate MOA (Minute of Angle) at distance and a range card that you can print.

    MRAD Calculator

    MRAD Calculator – A simple calculator to calculate MRAD (Milliradian) at distance.

    MIL(NATO) Calculator

    MIL Calculator – A simple calculator to calculate MIL (NATO) at distance.

    Exit Pupil Calculator

    Exit Pupil Calculator – Calculates a rifle scopes exit pupil in millimeters (mm).

    External Ballistic Calculators

    External Ballistic Calculators – Calculators that will produce ballistic trajectory data showing bullet drop, bullet energy, windage, and velocity while accounting for drag and many other variables.

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