Rabbit Shooting

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Rabbit Shooting

Rabbit shooting in the field can improve your knowledge of animals and how they avoid predators while honing your hunting and shooting skills at the same time.

It can be demanding, both physically and mentally. The little blighters can bolt at any time, in any direction and are rarely far from a warren.

Rabbit shooting

Best hunted at dusk and dawn, you have to be mindful of wind and sound. A good study of open areas with plenty of warrens is an excellent place to begin. Sandy ridges with nearby scrub are usually favourable burrowing areas.

Stalking them is tricky so move when they are heads down and bum up. Make big moves early and slow down when you get closer. I wouldn’t worry about full camo gear but it is probably a good idea not to look like a lollipop holder at a school crossing either, bunnies have excellent eyesight. 

A 22 LR, 22 WMR or 17 HMR cartridges are fine for rabbit shooting in CZ 457, Savage Mark II or if the bank allows Lithgow LA101 rifles. With your choice of open sights or optics.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The best time of day to shoot rabbits is generally late afternoon to early morning. They come above ground a few hours before dusk. With the availability of new night capable optics it could be said that the best time for shooting rabbit is at night.

Yes, a 22 LR is very effective way to shoot rabbits, as is a 22 WMR and 17 HMR. Shotguns may also be used at close ranges.

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