Nestled in the South of Vienna, Austria, Kahles Optics stands as a testament to a rich legacy of precision engineering and optical innovation.

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    A Tradition in Precision: The Kahles Optics Legacy

    With roots tracing back over a century, Kahles has been at the forefront of producing cutting-edge optics that redefine clarity and performance.

    From humble beginnings, Kahles has consistently delivered optics that meet the highest standards of hunters, sports shooters, and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

    This article takes a brief peek into the unique blend of tradition and modernity that sets Kahles apart, exploring the company’s tradition in the pursuit of excellence, its iconic products, and the unwavering dedication to providing a visual experience that goes beyond the average. Welcome to the world of Kahles Optics, where every lens tells a story of craftsmanship and innovation.

    KAHLES – 125 years in the making.



    Karl Robert Kahles

    Making optics since 1898, Kahles has a pedigree in the world of rifle scopes that few can match.

    It was in fact Karl Robert KAHLES who replaced the rudimentary lenses in the existing rifle scopes in around 1900 with achromatic lenses.

    Achromatic lens
    Achromatic lens

    This development resulted in:

    • a much shorter tube
    • an improvement in colour rendering
    • a far wider field of view
    • greater eye relief
    Kahles Telorar 1900
    Kahles Telorar 1900


    Kahles, started the company in Vienna Austria in 1898.

    Both of his sons Ernst (Management) and Karl (Technician) continued developing the company into a leading optics manufacturer. 

    After the devastation of World War II, the widow of Karl Kahles rebuilt the company which was furthered by her son, a physicist and engineer.

    Today, the company KAHLES Ges.m.b.H continues its heritage in Guntramsdorf near Vienna, Austria.

    Karl Kahles Factory Vienna, Austria

    Key evolutionary factors


    Replacement of simple lenses with achromatic lenses.


    O-ring seal for the first waterproof rifle scope (Helia Super)


    Achromatic multi-layer lens coating


    Intelligent switching function for illuminated reticles


    Repositioning the parallax adjustment below the elevation turret allowing the windage turret to be placed on the left or right sides of the scope.

    The things that stay with me about using a Kahles scope are the quality of the optics and the fact that it just did the job.

    Kahles K525i DLR – Based on the K525i, the Dynamic Long Range variant combines great optical performance and precision with innovative features and ergonomics.

    KAHLES – Share the passion and professionalism of ambitious shooters and hunters everywhere.

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