Thermal Vision

Thermal Vision

Thermal Vision See in the dark Thermal Vision Tweet Table of Contents Thermal Vision is a optoelectrical device containing a compact thermographic camera, and can be used in a variety of manners from goggles and binoculars to rifle scopes. Capturing and analyzing the data the cameras provide is called thermography, which uses the non visible …

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Australian Projectile Manufacturers

Australian Projectile Manufacturers

Australian Projectile Manufacturers Home grown high performance goodness Australian Projectile Manufacturers Tweet Table of Contents It can be hard to find Australian manufacturers for things these days. However there are a few shining lights in the industry, it would be worth giving them a go. Outer Edge Projectiles Based in Orange, New South Wales. Outer …

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Night Vision

Night Vision

Night Vision See in low light Night Vision Tweet Table of Contents Night Vision is the ability to see in low light conditions, not no light conditions. The human eye can be of use in low light environments, being able to pick out large objects and some movement. Not particularly useful when hunting. So the …

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Barrel harmonics

Barrel Harmonics

Barrel Harmonics Effects on accuracy Barrel Harmonics Tweet Table of Contents For accuracy, all that is required is consistency. We want every shot to be exactly the same. The foundation of achieving this begins with the mechanical structure of the rifle itself.  In this article we will discuss the purely mechanical things that affect rifle …

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European Rabbit

Rabbit Hunting

Rabbit Hunting One of Australia’s worst ferals Rabbit Hunting Tweet Table of Contents Rabbit hunting, there was a time in Australia when just about everyone had a bunny gun. The feral rabbit was in plague proportions across the country and .22 was generally on hand to help curb the numbers (not terribly successfully). My father …

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Hunting Spotlights

Hunting Spotlights

Hunting Spotlights See the light Hunting Spotlights Table of Contents Hunting spotlights are often used in Australia to locate and track game at night. The bright light allows hunters to help target and shoot them accurately. It can be a handy confirmation identifying the “eye-shine” of a target. It could help you make sure you …

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+20 MOA Scope Mount

MOA Scope Mount

MOA Scope Mount Aim further MOA Scope Mount Tweet Table of Contents MOA scope mounts are scope mounts that help us from running out of elevation adjustment at longer ranges. Gravity is the culprit here. (Imagine if Newton had not invented gravity, we would be so much better off. 😉) These mounts are specifically designed …

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How to bore sight a rifle

How to bore sight a rifle

How to bore sight a rifle Get zeroed How to bore sight a rifle Table of Contents How to bore sight a rifle. Bore sighting is a crucial step in getting your rifle to shoot accurately. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use a bore sighter or naked eye and fine-tune your rifle’s …

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